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Your Communication Course

The course that helps you make the most of ALL your skills.

You'll discover and use the behaviors that make you an effective and compelling communicator. I call them the Five Communication Essentials.

Essential 1: Honor Dignity

Truly effective communication must honor each person's dignity (including your own).  You'll find out how dignity differs from respect, and you'll discover how to honor dignity in every conversation (even the difficult ones).

Essential 2: Know Your Audience

People hear you and pay attention when you address their needs and interests. You'll develop the essential skill of quickly identifying important audience characteristics so you can target your message effectively.

Essential 3: Plan and Focus Your Message

Keeping attention is all about saying what you mean and then stopping. A rambling speech where you never make a clear point only annoys the people you're trying to impress. Develop your ability to think on your feet and convey your thoughts with focus and clarity so others see the value in your message.

Essential 4: Clear Delivery

We all have communication habits, whether you're aware of them or not. Some of them get in the way of people understanding you. You'll discover how to identify these pitfalls and eliminate them by creating new, effective habits of clear delivery.

Essential 5: Actively Listen

Believe it or not, being a good listener helps your own message get heard. Communication is a two-way street! You'll grow your ability to keep both lanes flowing smoothly with listening techniques you can apply in any situation.

Better workplace communication skills can make all the difference if you:

  • Have solutions to share but don't know how to frame them so others see their value.

  • Want to collaborate and participate but have trouble making yourself heard.

  • Want to earn the respect of your colleagues and develop effective professional relationships.

Hi, I'm Sara.

Sara Pehrsson

After decades working with teams from companies large and small, I've developed this approach to effective workplace communication. A team shines when people are treated with dignity and everyone is heard. A dysfunctional team is what happens when members get shut down. I've combined my observations of the best and worst communicators with my instructional design expertise to help you learn skills that create lasting success.

Great workplace communication skills create game-changing results.

Effective communication in the workplace is how you empower yourself. Here's how:

  • The unique ideas that live in your head take shape and get recognized by others.

  • You develop better relationships with your colleagues.

  • You're seen as a trusted, worthwhile member of the team.

  • Your ability to influence and persuade others increases.

  • You create habits that support clear thinking, which leads to more great ideas and even better solutions to challenges.

  • You spend your time at work more efficiently, get more done, and achieve meaningful results.

Here's what users are saying:

Helps people create more productive working relationships

Jean P.

The course acknowledges that workplace conversations often involve uncomfortable or emotional topics, and that these conversations, conducted according to conventional power dynamics, often leave one party feeling unheard or disrespected. Course activities cultivate professional communication rooted in humanity, self-confidence, and compassion, leading to healthier, more productive working relationships.

Clear and easy to navigate

Jeni S.

I love that you are putting honor dignity as the absolute core essential as I feel this is where most communication breakdown comes from.

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The refund is available if you have not viewed more than the first two lessons of the course AND you contact MoveUP Skills to help me understand how the course would be a better fit for you.

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Answers to your questions here!

  • What makes this course effective?

    This course is designed to make sure you see real changes in your skill level. It's not a passive viewing experience. In this course, you're given the tools you need to apply what you learn to your real world life. You'll start receiving immediate benefits of more effective communication in the workplace.

  • How long will the course take me to finish?

    Viewing the course won't take you more than a couple hours. The work you do with the information and tools to improve your skills can take as long as you want to keep working on it. It might be a few weeks, a few months, or your entire career. That's because the information and tools are applicable at ANY point in your career. They adapt to what you need at any given moment.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Your enrollment gives you access to all the course materials, and all of the course additions and updates, for a full six months. You get to keep and use the tools you've downloaded forever.

  • Is there any reason I shouldn't enroll?

    Yes. This course isn't designed to help those who are looking for specific tips about business writing or specialized communication such as paid speaking engagements. It's focused on making your every day communication at work the most effective it can be. The course is also not designed for those working to overcome speech or language skills that require targeted, specialized coaching (though it may be a worthwhile supplement to that coaching).

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